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We have finished mixing Songbird, First Love and Autumn Leaves. Only mastering lies ahead before the release. Mastering is the process whereby all the songs end up having the same "feel".

Our song, First Love, has had a major makeover to give it an entirely different expression. A new audio-clip will soon be posted here to give you an idea of the development. A catchy rythm and a unique arrangement symbolizes past pains from just before a breakup contrasting with a soft and innocent vocal representing longings of the present. It is a different song now - better than ever.

Overwhelming! - by helle j. 22/01/2006 @ 16:02

We are overwhelmed.
Since January 17th, i.e. in less than five days, has received 500 visits!
Until now we've had visits from Denmark, Iceland, the US, France, Belgium, Norway, Peru, Canada, Switzerland, Morocco, Italy, Australia, New Caledonia and Mozambique.

We didn't even dream, we'd be so well received, when we uploaded the site.

Here's a little story:
I sent a mail to two of my coworkers, who had expressed interest in the music. A few hours later I was on the telephone with another coworker and suddenly I hear 'Songbird' in the background along with the merry laughter of Margit in the telephone receiver. Need I say that I completely lost track of our conversation? My trusty coworker had forwarded my mail to the entire company - because he felt the world should hear about it. Thank you, Jacob!

So all of a sudden this has become a very good exercise in 'going public' with my project and the release of the single-CD wink


Thank you ever so much for all the positive reactions and comments, we have received.

We are overjoyed with your support - it warms us and strengthens our courage and motivation.

Welcome! - by helle j. 15/01/2006 @ 18:22

Releasing the single CD 'First Love' is a dream that became an objective now very close to fruition. It feels easy and working on it is a breeze ... because I so enjoy doing it. I receive more energy than I can spend. I am so happy to present the first three songs on 'First Love': Songbird, Autumn Leaves and First Love

My covers of Songbird and Autumn Leaves are inspired by Eva Cassidy, whose fantastic voice and strong interpretations are beyond exceptional. In the spring of 2004 I saw the documentary on the life and music of Eva Cassidy and that is what made me start to sing again. If she was able to conquer her shyness, I would be too, I felt

Eva Cassidy's covers of Songbird and Autumn Leaves are so sincere. In them I found a sound, I could feel.

First Love is written by Ena Wiberg, the girlfriend of my producer and sound engineer, Poul Vinther, who wrote the melody. One day he asked me to record it, so he could present it with a voice. I immediately accepted and the song grew on me so much that I decided to include it on the record. First Love is a beautiful song about loving and breaking up. About letting go of the first love to move on in life.

I have so enjoyed the process of singing and recording these songs. The process has become a goal in itself. To me singing is a goal in itself. In fact that was the only thing I wanted: To sing.

Singing is life is joy is emotion is song.

Welcome to "helle"!

I am overjoyed to present our music to you - and I hope you'll leave a note in the 'Greetings'-section. If you have heard us live or elsewhere, we would so like to hear your feedback and will be looking forward to hearing what you think.

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