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New photos - by helle j. 07/06/2006 @ 09:30

There's a new album in 'Images' on your left. Anna sent us some photos from the after-party at Vilcon Bryghus last Saturday. Thank you, Anna!

Live performances - by helle j. 05/06/2006 @ 13:18

The new calendar in the right column will inform you of the dates and venues of our live performances.

Public debut at Vilcon Bryghus in Slagelse - by helle j. 05/06/2006 @ 11:56

On Saturday, June 3rd 2006, we had our first live performance for the general public in the café and gourmet restaurant Vilcon Bryghus located in our home town Slagelse.

The café-cum-brewery provided a classy setting and a pleasant atmosphere for our songs and we had a wonderful and receptive audience, who appeared to enjoy both the beer, the food and the music.

We entertained for two hours and several songs were new in our playlist - among them "Killing me Softly", which went over very well.

We have been booked for several concerts in Vilcon Bryghus. Check the welcome page of this site, the newsletters and the calendar.

Full page article in regional weekly - by helle j. 31/05/2006 @ 18:11

The article "Music From the Heart" took up a whole page in the weekly 'Uge Nyt' covering our region. Read it here

This Saturday at Vilcon Bryghus, Slagelse - by helle j. 30/05/2006 @ 21:18

This Saturday, June 3rd, we will perform live at the Vilcon Bryghus in Slagelse.

Vilcon Bryghus is a high class gourmet restaurant and micro-brewery serving superb beer even with connoisseur dinners.

We'll be playing in the downstairs café from noon to 2PM. The setting is absolutely right for our kind of music. The atmosphere is nice and respectful as are the visitors.

We'd love to see you there.

Interview with Helle and Lars - by helle j. 17/05/2006 @ 22:56

A journalist interviewed us for a feature in a local newspaper reaching 57.000 readers in our area. The accompanying photographer took pictures of us outside our house in the center of our village.

Your CD is in the mail - by helle j. 22/03/2006 @ 07:33

Yesterday we sent off all the pre-ordered copies of 'First Love'. If you pre-ordered the CD it is now on its way to you. I am endlessly grateful for all the interest and support the CD has been met with.

Completed - by helle j. 18/03/2006 @ 01:35

Exactly on time we have received the finished CD ready to be sent to all those who pre-ordered it. Thank you so much for your interest and support, it really has meant a lot to us - and still does.
Thank you also for wishes and congratulations on my birthday.
Helle J.

CD cover - by helle j. 12/03/2006 @ 13:15

The cover for First Love is in print.

New audio clip of First Love - by helle j. 15/02/2006 @ 10:08

Clicking the link to 'First Love' under 'Sound' gives you the new version of the song.

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