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Tour i Kroatien - by helle j. 27/07/2009 @ 12:08

Vi er netop vendt hjem fra Kroatien, hvor vi har haft 14 dage med masser af sol, varme og musik. Så findes livet vel næppe bedre smile

Vi har holdt mange små koncerter på restauranterne omkring Rovinj - og blev særskilt inviteret til en lille, privat kultur-café for få og udvalgte publikummer. Faktisk var der kun ca. 10 tilhørere! Vi lærte, at det er en lige så stor udfordring at synge for 200 mennsker, som at holde en lille og meget personlig kulturcafé for et udvalgt publikum.

Det mest fantastiske var, at musikken og stemningen i kulturcaféen var så mættet, at tilhørerne blev så bevægede, at de græd. Det er en meget smuk og meget stor oplevelse at få lov til at bevæge mennesker på den måde. Sang og musik er magisk.

Nu er vi i skarp træning og glæder os til at spille for Kirke Stillinges borgere til sommerfesten på plejecentret.

Wedding song for Charlotte and Paal - by helle j. 04/10/2008 @ 14:36

Happy New Year - by helle j. 05/01/2008 @ 22:51

Summer 2007 - by helle j. 26/06/2007 @ 22:52

This summer we have been engaged to play at 'Den Blå Café' (The Blue Cafe) on the beach a few minutes from where we live.
Our first performance will be on Saturday, June 30, from 7 to 10:PM.
Den Blå Café is centrally located on Stillinge Beach in West Zealand and has gained local fame for steaks made from their own Charolais livestock.
We have dined there on numerous occasions and we are very happy to make Den Blå Café our venue for the summer.

Vilcon Brewery - Friday night - by helle j. 06/12/2006 @ 17:24

Friday, December 8, from 9 PM to midnight we are back in Vilcon Brewery (Vilcon Bryghus) in Slagelse.

VIP party at Slagelse Business School - by helle j. 23/09/2006 @ 19:47

Yesterday we played two short sets of two songs each at the annual VIP party of the business school in our city.

The prominent guests included business managers, local and regional mayors and politicians, deans and faculty managers.

We did well and were overwhelmingly complimented for our performance of Summertime, Autumn Leaves, Fields of Gold and What a Wonderful World.

Live recording and new concerts - by helle j. 08/08/2006 @ 13:21

Live-recording on the last weekend of June.
Friday June 30 and Saturday July 1 we recorded the last two of a long series of concerts at Vilcon Bryghus in Slagelse, Denmark.

The Slagelse Festival Week had opened with ambience, music, exhibitions, shows and many happy visitors in town. The weather was wonderfully warm and sunny and many people found their way to the brewery (Vilcon Bryghus).
The town square outside Vilcon Bryghus reverberated with laughter, people talking, activities.

Poul Vinther, who is our producer, brought his daughter, Mette, from Jutland, because she so wanted to hear us again even though she came directly from a high school party, which had lasted most of the night. We enjoyed being at home on stage in the beautiful environment of the brewery cafe. Friends dropped by and the guests expressed joy of our music. Could we wish for anything more? I think not.

The Friday concert went very well and the recording was good. A live recording in a cafe setting will inevitably include the sounds of the environment and the recording is very authentic - complete with talking, laughter and espresso machines. Now we are looking forward to hearing, what Poul can do with the recording and hope to release the live CD by the end of September.

A summer of music and song and an invitation to Vienna and Torun.
Our holidays included a sailboat outing in the Danish archipelago, camping by the mountains and gorgeous beaches of Croatia and Polish culture in the city of Torun.

We brought the guitar everywhere and we have played and sung throughout our vacation.
Many small, spontaneous and exclusive concerts in Ærøskøbing and Thurø Bund, Denmark, at a fish restaurant on the Adriatic and several times for 'Oma' and for an exclusive, invited audience at Slavek's in Torun , Poland.

After the second concert for 'Oma' we met an Austrian, Kurt, in the audience. He is a singer and producer and he promptly invited us to Vienna to record our music. He feels certain that the Austrian market will welcome our efforts and would like to release an album with us.

In the beautiful, historical city Torun in Poland we played at Slavek, who owns many exciting and unique cafes in the historical buildings of the city. We are discussing the opportunity of playing more concerts in his cafes.

New concert at Vilcon Bryghus on September 29, from 6 to 9:PM, Sct. Michael's Night.
At the end of the holidays we were engaged to play at the Sct. Michael's Night celebrations in Slagelse once again at Vilcon Bryghus . We are really looking forward to this event - and we hope you drop by to taste the exquisite beer and listen to our music. We will very much enjoy seeing you.

Live recording at Vilcon Bryghus on June 30th - by helle j. 29/06/2006 @ 13:00

On Friday June 30 we will play again at Vilcon Bryghus from 3 to 5:PM

We will seize the opportunity to record a live CD: "Live at Vilcon".

We hope to see you there smile

4 concerts in 24 hours - by helle j. 29/06/2006 @ 12:56

On June 23 and 24 we played four concerts in 24 hours in three different locations. Vilcon Bryghus, the Business School Centre and for the Midsummer Night event in our home town. All four went very well and we learned that it is very different to play for a silent audience of several hundred people compared to the cafe setting that we have become accustomed to.

Helle J at Vilcon Bryghus - newspaper clip from June 7 - by helle j. 07/06/2006 @ 17:26

Helle J at Vilcon Bryghus

Throughout the summer months guests at Vilcon Bryghus in Slagelse may look forward to being entertained by one of their own while they enjoy their meals.

Helle J, who lives in Kirke Stillinge and recently released her first CD, will give seven concerts in the restuarant.

The first one was last Saturday - the following will be in the coming weekends on June 16, 17, 23, 24 and 30 and on July 1. Fridays at 3 - 5PM and Saturdays at 12 - 2PM

- I think this venue suits our music very well, says Helle, whose songs are accompanied by her partner, Lars, on guitar.

- Beautiful, sincere songs they call their playlist, which covers modern classics from 'Fields of Gold' to 'What a Wonderful World'.

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