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By - Lars BÝcher

Oh yes, I did play the guitar once. A lot. From three simple chords by Bob Dylan all the way to ragtime guitar-picking as taught by Stefan Grossman. I once was good.

But then I went to the US without any idea of how to pack a guitar case along next to a suitcase containing everything I'd need for a whole year.

When I returned to Denmark and involved myself in studying, relationships and part-time jobs, there was not enough room in my life for playing music.

Fast forward about 30 years: The guitar is in its case below the bed, my life is completely changed and endlessly improved by having met Helle, who sings so wonderfully well that any thought of testing my chords on her felt blasphemous.

That is, until she insisted and I decided that she'd only have herself to blame for it.

And here we are today with a songlist of subdued, authentic songs, which Helle sings with such serenity that I too am touched.

Creation date : 14/01/2006 @ 13:37
Last update : 15/11/2007 @ 09:47
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