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By - Helle Jacobsen

I have been singing all my life: Bach, Verdi, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms ... all the classical composers. I have sung in major choirs and for many years was a member of an extremely well-reputed church choir.

I've always known I would lose part of myself, if I did not sing. Singing allows you to release and express emotions hidden from the conscious mind.

In 1999 I left the church choir. I wanted to sing something other than classical music. It was a 'been-there-AND-done-it' thing, but then what? And how? Time passed and all I sang was lullabies for my children.

Then in May 2004 by pure luck and coincidence I saw the TV documentary on Eva Cassidy. Her divine voice left me breathless, awed and speechless. Here was a woman who sang from the heart and I recognized the shyness that characterized her so.

My partner had played the guitar in the early seventies - or so I had heard, but I had never really heard him play. Before we left for our vacation, I persuaded him to bring his guitar for a little campfire strumming and sing-along. We found chords and lyrics from Eva's songlist and drove off to Croatia. Every morning, before the sun got too hot, we'd play and sing for a couple of hours and Lars quickly reestablished his playing and turned out to be a perfect and empathetic support.

Cassidy's interpretations were perfectly right for me. Her expression, pitch, phrasing, emotional intensity and her wonderful guitar playing are the expert standards, which continue to inspire us and serve as a benchmark.

On our return we played the songs for friends. Their reaction moved us: They were moved to tears. The same thing happened, when we played the songs to my parents. A friend of theirs celebrated a birthday and her daughter engaged us to play at the party as a gift to her mother. Once again the same reaction: The mother was in tears throughout the concert featuring the 5 or 6 Cassidy songs we had rehearsed.

In short order we invested in equipment and were well underway with songs and sounds that I had always dreamt of ... but never dared to dream I could achieve. To me Cassidy's singing represents the ultimate emotional expression and it feels like therapy to listen to her and to sing her songs.

With these songs our life has taken a new turn. Our living room is filled with sound gear and we sing and play most nights, when the kids are asleep. It is a wonderful thing to share.

Singing from the heart is a very fragile thing. When I sing, I feel extremely vulnerable and I am very shy about it. There is no role to master, no persona to play. There is but genuine emotions and an open two-way channel to the seat of them. I feel my inside is on naked display, while I would rather not make a show of myself. But I don't think there is a way of hiding your heart, if you want people to hear and feel it.

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